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BC has no shortage of cookie-cutter generic modeling agencies and promo teams for hire. That's why we started our own: BC's only unmodeling agency. Alternative girls and kickass radditudes paired with a rolling studio make us the most unforgettable team of babes on the planet! We create content for portfolios, websites, merchandise, XXX projects, and network with industry partners primarily in BC. Wanna be part of the raddest, most unique promo team on the planet? Or are you looking to get into the industry? Then send us a message at the bottom of this page and maybe you'll be next to get in The Van! We love all body styles and types, especially tattoos and piercings. Non-judgemental, safe and 8 years in operation. We're just getting started! NO PRUDES OR FAKE BARBIE DOLLS, PLEASE. Wham Bam Promotions is a non-judgemental, body-positive, sex-positive family. And we're certainly not shy!

Businesses/bands looking for that extra BAM at your next event with some of our local models, yup we're available for that too. We have done everything from corporate flyering campaigns to album release parties.

Event planning by our very own BC Babe Melina and marketing by Toron, you can contact them by emailing our general inbox at info@whambambabes.com

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The babes!

BC's hottest babes at BC's hottest events and getting wham-bammed in the back of kickass vans like all good girls do. Thank you ma'ams!

Get in the van or book us!

NOTE FOR MODELS: Please include your age, city and contact phone number in your message. 18+ only. If you'd rather text, send name, age and pics to 604-600-WHAM (9426)

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